We born with a kind heart, each one of us. With mutual feelingsfor everyone. And after sometime
each one of us changes, for many this change is quick for some who seek kindness in this world this
change is slow. The only ones we trusted we can believe are those we call family. Some are forced to
believe that and they carry this trust as a burden their entire life, some wants to believe in that trust
and for some this trust is like a dream they never encountered. For me this trust was like a myth
completely pointless and I know I am completely in wrong here but let us not touch it for a while.
Whom am I kidding, you all know that. This is an evil world we are living in, a world where people
believe in curses more than prayers. No doubt we pray day and night for our happiness but when it
comes to others, we curse them more then we pray for them. form what I have seen its human
tendency to put himself ahead of everything else and the reason is, we are no different than other
animals the only difference we have is, they don’t have secrets. This world would have consumed
us in his darkness, where there is no trust, no kindness and no bonds, but that one person whom we
all have in our life who is protecting us without even knowing it, is a friend. A person we don’t know
completely, a person we have no blood relationbut still shares a bond of unbreakable trust. A friend
might not pray for your victory but I can swearit on my life that he will never going to curse you, not
even for once in his entire life. He might not be there when you are happy but he will always be
around when you are sad. Its same for you too, like I said without even realizing it you might be that
person for someone else. So that’s why I want you to believe in that trust you share with others, I
know what I said earlier but deep down in my heart I still believe in it too. You might not do it for me
but for the happiness of those friends we have let’s pray for their happiness, even if it is just for a
fraction of a time just do it, now.
I always wondered what Satyug might look like but now I think it might have the same feeling I have,
when I am with my friends.


Myanmar’s endurance in many of the ethnic conflicts…..

Myanmar is a diverse country, with roughly two-thirds of the population, ethnic
Burmans, known as the Bamar, have enjoyed a privileged position in society and
hold a majority of government and military positions. Many ethnic minority
groups, on the other hand, have faced systemic discrimination, a lack of economic
opportunities and development in their regions, minimal representation in
government, and abuses at the hands of the military. Anti-Muslim sentiment has
also been on the rise in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. In 2016 and 2017, the
Tatmadaw and local security forces mounted a brutal campaign against the
Rohingya, killing thousands of people and razing hundreds of villages. In 2019,
Gambia filed the first international lawsuit against Myanmar at the International
Court of Justice, accusing the country of violating the UN Genocide Convention.

eace building Approach
The long historical crisis between Myanmar’s political and military relations has a
devastating affect on the economic political and social environment of Myanmar
which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. The following approaches might
help in building peace in the country :

  1. Unilateral / Bilateral Talks : The responses of the world’s military and economic
    superpowers have inevitably drawn most attention; the sanctions imposed by the
    Biden administration in the United States, and those being prepared by the
    European Union. Alongside imposing sanctions against Myanmar the world
    leaders and secretaries of superpowers and neighbouring countries of Myanmar
    can take a step forward by holding various unilateral and bilateral talks with the
    military as well as political party of Myanmar for establishing peace and a long
    term conclusion which will benefit the people of the country and a peace tie
    between the military and political party in Myanmar.
  2. Shelter And Aid To The Refugees : The military coup in Myanmar had lead to
    thousands of protests all around the country resulting in hundreds of journalists
    and people being detained and barbaric attacks from the military side leading to
    people fleeing to neighbouring countries for taking refugee in order of protection.
    The neighbouring countries having borders with Myanmar like China, Bangladesh
    and India has too reported that some of the people have fleed to their countries to
    take refuge. Steps can be taken in order to give shelter and aid to all the refugees
    till the further notice and talks can take place between the countries to return
    refugees in a protective environment with all the official formalities from the
    secretary side.
  3. Military Measures : The people of Myanmar have huge expectations from the
    United Nations and the international community following the February 1 coup.
    After imposing sanctions and diplomatic talks from all concerned countries if still
    the situation remains unsolved, the international peace building firm United
    Nation can make a move forward in order to establish peace and democracy or a
    way forward which is acceptable by all the leaders and the military and political
    party of Myanmar. The officials of UN Security Council can consider this matter
    and use it’s action force to take considerate measures to establish the situation of
  1. Economic/Social Measures : As the impact of military coup in Myanmar
    unfolds, development and humanitarian organizations working in the country are
    looking for new ways forward. Local organizations will need more support, and
    the need for international donors to fund community-based initiatives has only
    become more dire. Also Myanmar has long been poorer than most of its neighbors
    due to isolationist policies once favored by the military junta, economic
    mismanagement, and ongoing conflict. But economic reforms, including opening
    up to trade and investment in 2011, led to some modest gains. Afterwards if the
    democracy is established in the state the neighbouring countries, international
    organizations and the members of ASEAN can take step forward to open doors for
    the economy in order of development. Also can help aiding the country to promote
    education by suggesting and recommending various policies and can assist the
    country for the reduction of poverty.
    Media and journalism can too play an imperative role in establishing and
    maintaining peace.

Is universe really expending…..

An American astronomer Edwin Hubble made the observation in 1925 and was first to say that
universe is expending. He proved that there is a direct relationship b\w the speeds of distant
galaxies and their distances from earth. The expansion of the universe implies that all the matter of
the universe was once concentrated in one place, which leads support to the big bang theory.
Astronomers theorize that the faster expansion rate is due to a mysterious, dark force that is pulling
galaxies apart. One explanation for dark energy is that it is a property of space. As a result, this form
of energy would cause the universe to expand faster and faster.
If we believe in the big bang theory then this is the best theory to understand the structure of the
universe and many mysteries can be solved through it.
But if there is some one like me who disagree with the idea of big bang can have some problem in
believing this theory. Let us take an example, take a plastic bottle squeeze it a little and then put the
cap on the bottle. Now if you try to bring it to its normal shape then its impossible to do so. If the
same experiment is done for vacuum then the result will be the same and more accurate to define.
Just an imagination of mine but if some how you are able to expand the space for a glass chamber
with vacuum, I think it will result into a huge explosion, which can destroy a large part of earth or
might fully destroy it. Universe is same as that bottle, all the planets, stars or other physical bodies
act same as air molecules trapped in the bottle. If we take universe as a physical quantity itself than
it might be possible that there are several other universestoo, just like this one and they might be
uncountable and to explain the otherthings like lost energy of light when it travels through space, is
very well explained in Vedic physics by using wave and particle nature of light. In another post I will explain how it happens. Now if we talk about the dark energy then I completely agree
that energy is everywhere in this universe. But according to me it has no effect on the properties of
other elements at least not in its current state. I hope you remember that once I wrote something
about the origin of the universe. In that, I wrote that the whole universe is formed with the
combination of waves and frequencies and energy is everywhere in the universe in the absorbed
I seriously doubt the theory of expansion of the universe. I am not saying to believe on whatever I
am writing just use it to boost your imagination and make your own decisions on theories and
hypothesis instead of following books blindly, because there is much more to it then we read.
I have no intension of abusing anyone, I respect each and every imagination and thought, maybe my
thoughts are little different but at the end its all for science. I am sorry if I had hurt someone’s
feelings and thank you.


Why it’s always about money…….

Once I heard that you can’t buy happiness from money, during my middle school I believe that but now things have changed a lot. Closer you move to society more you find your self obsessed with money and power. If someone ask for help people offer him money but no one cares to help him with their physical existence. The main reason behind the human destruction is money.
We work hard for money, our relations exist because of money, we exist because of money.
money can buy you happiness you want, it might sound bad but it is the truth. Truth which we never liked, truth we don’t want to accept.
I can’t say about you but my life is completely surrounded by money and with the people who want money.
But at least once in an year, I encountered situations who proved me wrong.
The happiness I felt that doesn’t involve money even a little was amazing.
At the end I was was wrong because of a single, small piece of happiness who showed me the light.


History of Auroville….

At its Annual Conference in 1964 and with Mirra Alfassa as its Executive President, the Sri Aurobindo Society in Pondicherry passed a resolution for the establishment of a city dedicated to the vision of Sri Aurobindo. Alfassa was the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, who believed that “man is a transitional being”. Alfassa expected that this experimental “universal township” would contribute significantly to the “progress of humanity towards its splendid future by bringing together people of goodwill and aspiration for a better world”. Alfassa also believed that such a universal township will contribute decisively to the Indian renaissance.


A site, approximately 20 square kilometres of barren wasteland, some 10 km north of Pondicherry and 5 km from the coast was chosen for the city.


The inauguration ceremony attended by delegates of 124 nations was held on Wednesday 28 February 1968. Handwritten in French by Mirra Alfassa (the Mother), its four-point charter set forth her vision of integral living:

  1. Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. But to live in Auroville, one must be the willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness.
  2. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages.
  3. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future realizations.

Sea monsters……

Leviathan ( Livyatan) is a creature with the form of a sea serpent from Jewish mythology. It is referenced in several books of the Hebrew Bible, including Psalms, the Book of Job, the Book of Isaiah, and the Book of Amos; it is also mentioned in the apocryphal Book of Enoch.

The Destruction of Leviathan by Gustave Doré (1865)

The Leviathan of the Book of Job is a reflection of the older Canaanite Lotan, a primeval monster defeated by the god Baal Hadad. Parallels to the role of Mesopotamian Tiamat defeated by Marduk have long been drawn in comparative mythology, as have been wider comparisons to dragon and world serpent narratives such as Indra slaying Vrtra or Thor slaying Jörmungandr. Leviathan also figures in the Hebrew Bible as a metaphor for a powerful enemy, notably Babylon . Some 19th-century scholars have pragmatically interpreted it as referring to large aquatic creatures, such as the crocodile. The word later came to be used as a term for “great whale“, as well as for sea monsters in general



Hello , after a long time. But imagination needs time to flow into your mind and thoughts.
We all know what is energy and how it helps us in our whole day. But we will talk about the flow of energy in our surrounding. Energy flows in environment in different forms such as sound, heat, etc. We take this energy from the environment in the form of food and nature took it back from us, and this cycle keeps on going. But did you ever feel that without eating anything you feel full of energy special the time when you feel nothing in your mind and heart , neither you feel happy nor sad, neither you feel love nor hatred. I mean the time when you are in full consciousness. It made me think that if there is a way we can absorb nature energy directly into our body. As meditation helps us in keeping our mind stable so it can also be a part of it , because there are many stories of such people who were able to meditate for years without eating anything. In India such people are known as Rishi or sadhu. I believe there is something beyond our knowledge which we are considering as an illusion but it might be real , as there are lot of things we still need to learn.

If you think different or same as me then please help me out to find the truth……….



Dhanurveda, science of fighting and war, is one of the Upavedas connected to Yajur Veda. It is mentioned also in Rig Veda 6.75.2 as Dhanav Vidya concerning bow and arrows, which are symbols of all weapons and missiles. All these weapons are to be used if absolutely necessary when all other peaceful and righteous methods have failed; to defend those who follow the varnashrama system when evil persons create obstructions in the spread of Vedic knowledge.

Dhanurveda was revealed by the Lord to sages Vishvamitra and Bhrigu, its original teachers. Another famous Dhanurveda teachers in Vedic times were Parashurama and Drona. They are prominent characters in classical epic Mahabharata, story of conflict among various kshatriya (warrior) lineages. Dhanurveda is considered the origin of Vajramushti, an empty-handed Indian martial art. Among ancient versions of Vedic martial arts derived from Dhanurveda belong Thang-ta (in Manipur, East India) and Kalaripayat, or Kalaripayattu (in Kerala, South India).

“Ranganiketan performances give samples of the music, dance, and martial arts of northeastern India. Thang-ta is a weapons-oriented form of martial arts that dates from the time of the Mahabharata. Both men and women learn these arts from an early age. With precision and strength, Ranganiketan artists demonstrate the various forms of Thang-ta, using swords, shields, scimitars, and occasionally their bare hands.”


Sketch (6)….

By Ankit lamba

The immortal Parshuram ……

Parshuram is the sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was born to Saptarishi Jamadagni and Goddess Renuka in the Dwapara Yuga. There are a lot of legends associated with Parshuram that prove his greatness.

On that note, let’s take a look at some key facts about Parshuram –

1. Parshuram was gifted his famous axe (Parashu) due to his strict penance to Lord Shiva.

2. He is one of the seven immortals of Hinduism.

3. Parshuram is an important character in both the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

4. He was a gifted warrior who passed his skills onto Dronacharya, Bhisma and Karna.

5. On the command of his father, Parshuram beheaded his mother for her impure thoughts and killed his disobedient brothers too.

6. Pleased with his loyalty, Jamadagni offered him two boons and Parshuram chose to bring his mother and brothers back to life.

7. Lord Shiva was the mentor of Parshuram and He instructed Parshuram to destroy all evil on earth.

8. Kshatriya King Kartavirya went to Jamadagni’s ashram and stole the holy calf that was gifted to him by Lord Indra. Enraged by this act of crime, Parshuram killed the thousand armed Sahasrarjun Kartavirya and the calf was rescued.

9. Impressed by his courage and strength, Lord Indra offered his famous bow Vijaya to Parshuram. This bow was later given to Karna by Parshuram.

10. To avenge Kartavirya’s death, his sons killed Parshuram’s father Jamdagni and took his head to Mahishmati kingdom. In return he killed all Kshatriyas 21 times to restore peace to the earth.

11. Parshuram’s bow was used during Sita Swayamvar in Ramayana and Rama was the only one who could lift it, but it broke in half. When he realized that Rama was his own incarnation, he passed on his bow to Rama.

12. Parshuram saved the lands of Kerala and Konkan from drowning and stopped the advance of the Arabian Sea. As the land was barren, he worshipped Nagaraja, who made the soil fertile again.

13. Once Parshuram was enraged at the Sun for excessive heat and attacked it with his arrows. When he sent his wife to fetch more arrows, Suryadev came and offered Prshuram an umbrella and slippers for protection from heat.

14. Parshuram and Saptarishi Agasthya founded Kalaripayattu, which is the oldest martial art known to mankind.

15. According to some legends Parshuram the immortal warrior sage, still lives at the Mahendragiri Mountain peak in Orissa.