What is yoga…..

According to mahrshi Patanjali yoga is the state of meditation in which a person is capable to observe the whole universe with his power of imagination. He said that through meditation a person can see in Manastatva and can explore the mysteries of universe. And believe me friend I my self tried it and somewhere it’s true. The definition of yoga taught to us from you childhood is not correct. You will get to know about reality when you have your own questions on every answer. I hope you like it. Thank you!!!

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Yoga and meditation I use as well to find my inner zen

I learned at very tender age the Art of Mortal Combat

My first discipline I was taught was Krav Maga from me Father

Martial Arts Specifically Art of the Eight of Limbs Muay Thai is where I evolved my leveling understanding and finding that inner zen within myself.

Everyone needs that means of release for themselves it doesn’t matter if its 5 mins or 1 hr it’s vital to your center.



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