Big Bang a lie…..

Big Bang a lie___
From last many years a large number of scientists are trying hard to prove that this theory is best to describe the formation of universe . This is the only theory which is changing time to time according to their needs. According to this theory the whole universe is formed due to a massive explosion , first time the theory was like the explosion was in volume zero having infinite mass and energy and there was no time before explosion, when the question asked that nothing can be filled in zero volume and it could be point size object by the Indian scientists Aavas Mitra but no one listen to him but when Stephan hwakins said that it was not zero volume it was a point sized object then every one started following him. After this one more question was asked by scientists that it have infinite energy in it than it can’t be there because there is nothing outside it. Then to face this question they said there is a energy present all over the universe called dark energy. Slowly slowly more and more questions are asked so they said this is not big Bang it is big brain I will not explain big brain you can search it on your own. When it is discovered that the energy of light of sun decrease when it reaches to earth then these great scientist come with a new thing after every explosion in brains the universe expand. If you like to take my opinion than according to me this theory is nothing but an crazy imagination of a stupid person. Soon I will write about the vadic rashmi theory which is a more logical and very near to truth theory. I hope you like this information.THANKYOU!!!!!