There is no Black Hole…..

Centre of M87

There is no Black hole____
From past many years black hole is one of the biggest mysteries of universe. Know what is a Black hole , this term was first used by Robert H. Dicke. , A black hole is a region of space time where gravity is so strong that nothing—no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from it. Some months back NASA had launched a photograph of a black hole , but it doesn’t prove the existence of black hole because we don’t know , is it really a Black hole or something else. If we go with vadic physics then there is nothing like a Black hole. According to Modern physics black is not a colour because they believe that no wave length can give black colour, but according to vadic physics black is also a colour and in the centre of our galaxy there is no Black hole there is a star who look black from center and due to other wave length it show yellowish colour at the surface. According to Aacharya Agnivrat , bryhti and praan rashmia are the cause of that black colour and they also believe that all galaxies have a massive star like this and they also believe that many galaxies have also a centre which holds them in a particular pattern.

Different layers present on the star present in center of every galaxy