Why it’s always about money…….

Once I heard that you can’t buy happiness from money, during my middle school I believe that but now things have changed a lot. Closer you move to society more you find your self obsessed with money and power. If someone ask for help people offer him money but no one cares to help him with their physical existence. The main reason behind the human destruction is money.
We work hard for money, our relations exist because of money, we exist because of money.
money can buy you happiness you want, it might sound bad but it is the truth. Truth which we never liked, truth we don’t want to accept.
I can’t say about you but my life is completely surrounded by money and with the people who want money.
But at least once in an year, I encountered situations who proved me wrong.
The happiness I felt that doesn’t involve money even a little was amazing.
At the end I was was wrong because of a single, small piece of happiness who showed me the light.