It’s very common to say that teaches are god but very few can feel it. Teachers can see the ability of a student and try to make it better. They doesn’t get any profit for this but they do it for us , because they believe us they believe that one day our presence will make some difference in the society.
If I have to make a choice between God and my teachers then I will choose my teachers. There is a magic in there presence, it’s like someone is behind you how will encourage you after every failure. Everyone has a dream to become famous and want to give all possible happiness to their parents, but we forgot to mention that person who deserves to be mentioned our teachers. I also have one such dream, I want to became that much successful that when I will be sharing my experience and million of people will be listening me at that time I will take name of all my teachers and say that ‘ you all are not just teachers for me , you are god to me and all this success is just to prove you that your trust on me was absolutely correct and you will remain my god till my last breath’.
Thank you!!!


What’s wrong with the science…..

Once there was a time when some great people had decided to use science for the betterment of humans, they thought what they were doing will only increase the survival of our specie. But they were unable see it’s side-effects. But know we had realised our mistakes and trying hard to solve it , but we can’t deny the fact that we were late to understand our mistakes. But what’s the reason that we were using slow poison for ourselves , according to me the main reason was, we had divided science in different parts but this is not the problem the problem is that we study only one part of it and because of this we gain incomplete knowledge and because of this the person who is studying chemistry didn’t understand properly what will be the effect of the chemical on human body, the person who is studying physics will not able to understand the chemical he is using in the machine will undergo more reactions. All these parts are inter related with each other. To solve this people of different fields can come together and can work as a team but did it worked we are doing the same from past some years and what we get is a bucket from the ocean. The man who studied complete science can only understand what is what and what makes what.

I can’t see the future but I can try to make it bright for you and me

Liebster Award…..


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I was nominated for liebster award by Ranjini Madhavan ( ). I thank u Ranjini for the nomination here are the answers for your questions…..

1. when and how did you start blogging?

Well I started blogging just two weeks ago better say I am new to the list of bloggers.I started blogging because I wanted to create curiosity for knowledge amongst the people so yeah that is why.

2. beaches or mountains?

Mountains for sure!

3. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

A book is not my cup of tea so I would make a call for a movie.

4. How do you deal with stress?

Well if you ask me i would make a covenant with stress through martial arts.

5. What appeal to you most soul or appearance of a person?

Without any doubt soul

6. If you would time to travel where would you go?

Mansarovar is something that has topped my list for travelling from a very long time.

7. Are you a talker or a listener?


8. Well I prefer texting more

9. what is friendship to you?

The quality of friendship defines the quality of life so that is what I feel about friendship.

10. what do you prefer thriller romance or adventure movie?

Well I prefer thriller more than anything else.

11. what do you prefer calling or texting?


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My friend asked me…

One day my friend asked me how you are able to control your anger , at that time I was not able to answer him as I never think to it . You know some times we develop some qualities in us but we don’t know the reason why they are in us. After going to home I think of it and then I realised why I can control my anger in worst situations also, because sometimes people say something substandard in anger and I don’t want to be one of them because sometimes words hurts more than a weapon. I got the answer but many people don’t realise their qualities until someone ask them. So this post is to only ask you what are your good qualities and why they are in you. These small things really affect your live and can bring a large change in many life’s I know you know all these things but sometimes reading things again and again is important because we quickly forget how we are.



If you ask me who is your biggest enemy than my answer will be my thoughts. Most of the time actually not most of the time every time my thoughts are not in my control, some time it make me feel best of mine but some times it show my most dark face to me which I hate the most but I could do nothing. I never showed my dark face to anyone but I was never got success in defeating my evil thoughts. When ever I do something good these thoughts reminds me my Lucifer. I my tired of losing now , so I ignore them every time because what ever I thought it doesn’t matter because my soul know ‘s the trust and that’s all I want.


Martial Arts…..

Martial arts___
Techniques like martial art ,Kung-fu ,judo and Karate are used for self defence from past many decades. And I believe that every person on this planet should practice such techniques. These are not only for physical health they will increase your mental capabilities also. Martial arts will increase your soul energy which means you will remain positive and confident throughout your life no one will be able to shake your will power. And a person with these qualities can touch any height and can measure the deepest see. It will enhance your brain and muscles coordination and you will feel more attentive and conscious. Life is all about how much conscious you are. It will bring out the power which is hidden somewhere inside you.

Guns and bombs should be only used to protect species not to protect a community. Martial arts is the best way to protect one selves. Our hands , joints and legs are our biggest weapon but most of us don’t know how to use them. So I request all of you to don’t waste time on depending others for your security. You are the only one who can save you and your family. Thank you!!!!


There is no Black Hole…..

Centre of M87

There is no Black hole____
From past many years black hole is one of the biggest mysteries of universe. Know what is a Black hole , this term was first used by Robert H. Dicke. , A black hole is a region of space time where gravity is so strong that nothing—no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from it. Some months back NASA had launched a photograph of a black hole , but it doesn’t prove the existence of black hole because we don’t know , is it really a Black hole or something else. If we go with vadic physics then there is nothing like a Black hole. According to Modern physics black is not a colour because they believe that no wave length can give black colour, but according to vadic physics black is also a colour and in the centre of our galaxy there is no Black hole there is a star who look black from center and due to other wave length it show yellowish colour at the surface. According to Aacharya Agnivrat , bryhti and praan rashmia are the cause of that black colour and they also believe that all galaxies have a massive star like this and they also believe that many galaxies have also a centre which holds them in a particular pattern.

Different layers present on the star present in center of every galaxy

Origin of Vedas…..

Origin of Vedas___
Four Rishi’s named Agni, Vayu, Aaditya, and Angria they went to the deep meditation and gained lots of knowledge which they enclosed in four Vedas. Rishi Agni study rig Veda , Rishi angira study Atharva Veda ,Rishi vayu study yajur Veda and Rishi Aaditya study Sam vade. After this they taught all the four Vedas to Rishi Brahma , he was the first man who studied all the four Vedas. Narad Muni was also one of them who studied all the Vedas and Upanishads. In the satyug Vedas were the source to study science but slowly with the time their meaning changed and people were unable to understand their meaning and treated as religious books, all the other religions are made after studying these Vedas but they were unable to see the science behind them but a Vedic physicists had decoded a book named atry brahman in which the coded knowledge of rig ved was written and it helped in studying many unknown phenomena.


Vadic Rashmi theory….

Vadic rashmi theory___
Vadic rashmi theory is the theory who perfectly describes the origin of universe. According to this theory the very first stage of the universe is called as prakrity and it was equally distributed throughout the universe and have same conditions all over it and prakrity is immortal it remains unaffected by the time. And an energy present in prakrity know as ishwar produce a very small vibration or rashmi know as om rashmi which is the fundamental unit of the universe. Slowly these vibration combine and form much larger vibrations and finally they form an quark and then protons, electrons, positrons, etc. This theory is much larger than I have written, so please go to your near library and read the whole theory . This theory is the most logical theory among all the theories.THANKYOU!!!


Big Bang a lie…..

Big Bang a lie___
From last many years a large number of scientists are trying hard to prove that this theory is best to describe the formation of universe . This is the only theory which is changing time to time according to their needs. According to this theory the whole universe is formed due to a massive explosion , first time the theory was like the explosion was in volume zero having infinite mass and energy and there was no time before explosion, when the question asked that nothing can be filled in zero volume and it could be point size object by the Indian scientists Aavas Mitra but no one listen to him but when Stephan hwakins said that it was not zero volume it was a point sized object then every one started following him. After this one more question was asked by scientists that it have infinite energy in it than it can’t be there because there is nothing outside it. Then to face this question they said there is a energy present all over the universe called dark energy. Slowly slowly more and more questions are asked so they said this is not big Bang it is big brain I will not explain big brain you can search it on your own. When it is discovered that the energy of light of sun decrease when it reaches to earth then these great scientist come with a new thing after every explosion in brains the universe expand. If you like to take my opinion than according to me this theory is nothing but an crazy imagination of a stupid person. Soon I will write about the vadic rashmi theory which is a more logical and very near to truth theory. I hope you like this information.THANKYOU!!!!!