It’s very common to say that teaches are god but very few can feel it. Teachers can see the ability of a student and try to make it better. They doesn’t get any profit for this but they do it for us , because they believe us they believe that one day our presence will make some difference in the society.
If I have to make a choice between God and my teachers then I will choose my teachers. There is a magic in there presence, it’s like someone is behind you how will encourage you after every failure. Everyone has a dream to become famous and want to give all possible happiness to their parents, but we forgot to mention that person who deserves to be mentioned our teachers. I also have one such dream, I want to became that much successful that when I will be sharing my experience and million of people will be listening me at that time I will take name of all my teachers and say that ‘ you all are not just teachers for me , you are god to me and all this success is just to prove you that your trust on me was absolutely correct and you will remain my god till my last breath’.
Thank you!!!