What have you left behind?……

Since we were kids, we always try to be “perfect” or if I have to be more precise “ideal”. We try to
do everything right because as a kid its easy to differentiate between good and bad. You know
cigarette is bad for health, alcohol is bad for health, we should not use bad words, we should ignore
what people say and think about us. As a kid its easy to do so because kids are closer to be an ideal
human being than any of us. I guess this is what the person was thinking when he said children are
avatar of gods. I mean when you think about it every god is just an ideal human being, the kind of
being we all wanted to be once. To be an ideal human we all might have promised ourselves that we
will never do this we will never do that, but now here we are trying to be as monstrous as possible. I
mean what else will describe us well, we are selfish and then we justify that its normal to be selfish
and if you are not there is something wrong with you, then you ignore your surrounding like its none
of your business. You turn a blind to everyone asking for help. I doubt if anyone of us will even feel
anything if something bad happens to us, our eyes are dried up. Well, I am no one to talk I am a devil
myself. This post is not for education or to provide information, this post I here to remind you what
you were and now what you are your younger self might not even recognize you. we broke so many
promises me made to ourselves and still repeating the same mistakes and we have become a
coward who is afraid of admitting mistakes and defeat. Slowly we all are becoming a man with no
morals except money.

This might be dark and depressing to hear but how are you going to deny it. Its best to except yourself as you are, good or evil doesn’t matter.


Imagine time….

Hey, i am back. So the thing i want to talk about is time and about some certain events. There are many concept about time traveling some say it is possible and some say it’s not but to understand it, it’s better you understand what is time. If someone ask you to imagine the shape of time how would you do that some might think it’s a loop or it might be a straight line but what if it’s non of them what if time is like a rope made of a string and many other small threads emerging and merging in it again and again. To explain it further let’s take a string and we will call it the main time line which is made of the decision we have taken in our life but what if i had made different choices in my life for example if i  had ate a burger instead of taking a coffee years ago, would my whole life be different in that case. The answer is no. Now i will explain you how it might work. Assume If i wake up in the morning and then i ate my breakfast and then i went to college this what happened in the main time line but if i had decided to have some juice instead of a breakfast and then went to college in that case in the main time line there will occur a small branch that denotes a different time line or let’s call it 1st time line, where i decided to have juice but when i went to school the branched time line will again merge with the main Time line and it’s effect will be next to non. And there can also occur a branch a 2nd time line from 1st time line and with each such branching we move away from the main time line or you can say it will take more time to merge with the main time line. I guess all of you must have heard of the famous grandfather paradox. In which a person built a time machine and travel back in time and meet his own grandfather who is still in his 20s and he killed him, now the question is if he killed his grandfather then his father was never born and neither he then how can he kill his grandfather if he was never born. The answer to this question is quite simple, when you travel back in time  if it’s possible and kill your grandfather then in that case your existence won’t be in danger all that happened is you will make a branch in the main time line where your grandfather was killed by you and now you are separated from the main time line and you exist in a different time line but it will merge with the main time line at some point maybe when all the people related to your blood line dies or maybe when the earth gets distroyed. And just like this every time line will merge with the main time line in the future and two branched time line can also merge with each other to make a single time line and after some time it will merge too. And because every time line merges with the main time line its very hard to change future even if you can travel through time. but there is a way you can change future if you can travel through time. Assume you know that you will die at tomorrow evening by a car accident and you want to change it. To do so you have to make a different time line and you have to make sure it didn’t merge with the main time line before or during the time of the accident, you can make multiple different choices to make a series of branching to delay the process of merging and by doing so you will save yourself. It might seem easy but it’s not as they is no way to tell how many branches you have to make to change the future. And there is always a possibility that the time line you have created might merge with a different time line which is going to mergy with the main time line before the accident.   

After going through somethings i think we can travel in time but as Einstein had said we can travel in only one direction which is in forward direction or towards the future we can’t travel back in time as one cannot destroy the origin of something that has been already existed before oneself.
Any way this is how I think time works and if you find something wrong in it please write it in the comments and if you have some crazy theories too than i would appreciate if you write that in comments too.

Written by Ankit lamba__