Story of life

The Someone I met online….

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time. This post is slightly different from my other posts because its kind of a story telling.

So, just like any other thing, Internet has its two sides a positive one and a negative one. After facing negative side of internet at different social media apps. I came across its positive side, which is connection across the globe. I mean just think about it we are generally connected to the people via internet whom we already know in real life, but if you try to find someone far away from you, someone of different country different culture, different lifestyle. Believe me it helps you to acknowledge what you have and you also get to know about the culture of different countries and you can add some of the good points in your life too. I started thinking about it more when I met someone online.

Now, here comes the part you people were waiting for.

I met her on a social media app. First, she introduced herself with a different name. Now here comes a thing I don’t know if its just me or everyone, but at some point, or another we use a different name on internet. When I think about it, I had no reason to do so, what about you? let’s get back to the story. As I was saying she was very polite and open minded, she was the one who introduced me with the idea of online friend. I found it very interesting and decided to try it for myself and I am glad I did. She told me her real name was RUTH soon after we started talking. Ruth is very free with her words and she is little if talk about her hight and yet confident and beautiful by heart. I remember that once I told her that I am very good in giving advices, you won’t believe me but she asked some very interesting questions, some were funny some were serious but she never hold herself back and I think everyone should be like that because if you hold back on your words and feelings, I think it will make you a pretender. Feelings like love, hate, care, fear one should accept them instead of hiding them in one’s heart. She is very talkative, completely opposite of me if I must say. You know just the thought of someone out there who has time to listen to you is satisfying somehow. I don’t know if has the same feeling or not but I do wish to be her online friend as long as possible.

I think everyone should try it at least once in their life, who knows what you might came across.