Time Machine……

Time Machine_____
Can we travel in time ? The answer should be yes. But the problem is we can’t travel in past we can only travel in future , but it is not so easy because if you travel in future your present have to be sacrificed you will not be able to come back and in future your existence will be vanished.
If we can consider time as an medium which is present all over the universe and moving continuously from within every matter present in universe , then our age will depend on the speed with which it travel from our body, if it travel slow than our age will increase slowly , if it travel faster than our age will be increase quickly. In the same way if we slow down the speed of time when moving in us than we will in future with respect to other matters.
But we can’t do the same to move in past because our present is related with many small things.
Like if We touch any thing in the past that’s connected with our ancestors and us than the time will form a Loop and will threaten out existence.

There is a very famous paradox to explain this….

Hope you all had understood, why it is so difficult to travel in time. Thank you!!!!!


Darwin’s theory of evolution__

According to this theory of Darwin all the organisms present on the earth today are due to the evolution, and evolved from a single cell . He said after billions of years ,evolution turns cell into a fish and due to shortage of food they adapted themselves for land and slowly they developed legs and became reptiles after this evolution played its role again and turned reptiles into mammals slowly the mammals turned into monkey and then homosapiens. And most of the scientists believe this , but we can’t deny the fact that from last 3000 years the humans are not evolving them selves why do we need warm clothes in winter and why birds got wings not human. If you read Darwin’s theory it seems that evolution is in the hands of organisms only, when they want to walk they got legs , when they want to save themselves they got wings and when they want to eat leave of long trees they got long legs and neck Humans also tried to fly in the sky since there very childhood but we haven’t got wings. I am not saying that evolution is impossible , evolution is there but it is on a very small scale only. saying that a single cell had converted into a giant animal , couldn’t make any sense to me.
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