What’s wrong with the science…..

Once there was a time when some great people had decided to use science for the betterment of humans, they thought what they were doing will only increase the survival of our specie. But they were unable see it’s side-effects. But know we had realised our mistakes and trying hard to solve it , but we can’t deny the fact that we were late to understand our mistakes. But what’s the reason that we were using slow poison for ourselves , according to me the main reason was, we had divided science in different parts but this is not the problem the problem is that we study only one part of it and because of this we gain incomplete knowledge and because of this the person who is studying chemistry didn’t understand properly what will be the effect of the chemical on human body, the person who is studying physics will not able to understand the chemical he is using in the machine will undergo more reactions. All these parts are inter related with each other. To solve this people of different fields can come together and can work as a team but did it worked we are doing the same from past some years and what we get is a bucket from the ocean. The man who studied complete science can only understand what is what and what makes what.

I can’t see the future but I can try to make it bright for you and me